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Citizenship by Investment in Montenegro

Updated on Thursday 16th July 2020

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Citizenship-by-Investment-in-MontenegroForeign investors who want to set up companies in Montenegro can rely on the local legislation which allows them to enter the local market in several ways. They can either apply for work permits which will allow them to work in their own companies or for residence permits which will enable them to relocate to the country and become business owners.
One of the most recent programs which enable foreigners to relocate to Montenegro is the Citizenship by Investment Scheme which was created in 2018 and which targets attracting a greater number of foreign investors to the country.
Below, you can discover the requirements which allow you to apply for the Citizenship by Investment program in Montenegro. We are a team of company formation agents who can help you open a company in Montenegro in the fastest manner possible.

Who can enroll in the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program?

Also known as the Economic Citizenship Scheme, the Citizenship by Investment Program was created for non-EU citizens who want to relocate to Montenegro by making investments in assets designated by the government.
An important aspect of this program is that at the moment the program targets a limited number of applicants and its first phase will unfold for a period of 3 years starting January 2019.
Our agents can offer more information on the Montenegro citizenship by investment program.

Conditions for applying for Montenegro citizenship by investment

In order to relocate to Montenegro, the government will assess the applications of qualified investors who must meet the following criteria:
  • -  invest at least 250,000 euros in projects located in underdeveloped zones in Montenegro;
  • -  or invest at least 450,000 euros in projects located in developed areas of the country;
  • -  no matter the type of investment chosen, a government fee of 100,000 euros must be paid;
  • -  the applicant must also deposit a guarantee of 15,000 euros plus 10,000 euros for other 4 family members (where applicable).
The applicant can also bring more family member, however, for each of them, an additional 50,000 euros must be deposited starting with the 5th member.
The minimum amount to be invested is set at 350,000 euros.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for details on the Montenegro citizenship by investment program.

Large project investment options in Montenegro

The Montenegrin authorities encourage investments in various industries, as the country’s economy relies on foreign direct investments which is why the government allows entrepreneurs from countries all over the world to inject money in large projects in the tourism and agriculture industries.
Foreign investors can set up large hotels (5 star accommodation facilities and resorts) by investing at least 15 million euros in the region of Podgorica, with the condition of creating at least 80 jobs and have a minimum 60 rooms.
There is also a lower investment requirement of 5 million euros in Northern and Central Montenegro which required the creation of at least 25 jobs and 35 rooms.
Those who want to invest in agriculture have several options. These are:
  • - 2 million euros and the creation of 10 full-time job in agriculture;
  • - 4 million euros and the creation of at least 20 jobs in the wood processing sector;
  • - 3,5 million euros and the creation of at least 20 jobs in the fishing and fish processing sector.
Those who decide to apply for citizenship by investment in Montenegro under one of these options must also meet other requirements. They must deposit at least 15,000 euros for themselves in a bank account in Montenegro. They can bring up to 4 family members with them and for each at least 10,000 euros must be secured in the same account. For other family members, 50,000 euros per person is required.
The projects available for development are presented by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.
If you are interested in this immigration option, our local agents can offer more information on it.
Our local agents can advise on how to choose the investment option for the Montenegro citizenship by investment program.

Citizenship by investment through the startup visa in Montenegro

When it comes to programs under which one can obtain citizenship by investment, Montenegro has followed the example of other EU countries which have enabled a sustainable environment for startup companies. This is how the Startup Visa for entrepreneurs was developed.
This program is usually accessed by young enterprisers willing to invest at least 100,000 euros in a new company, in real estate or research and development activities. With minimal residency requirements, this program is suitable for those interested in obtaining citizenship through naturalization which implies living in Montenegro for 10 years.
Our Montenegro company formation specialists can offer more information on the Startup Visa Scheme.

Document requirements for foreign citizens relocating to Montenegro

In order to enter the Montenegro citizenship by investment scheme must prepare a set of documents, among which a valid passport and proof of the legitimacy of the funds to invest in the selected project. Also, when immigrating to Montenegro with family members, the application must also contain information about the persons moving here.
Compared to other jurisdictions, it is useful to know that Montenegro does not require any language requirements, nor experience in the field the applicant decides to invest. Also, there are no educational requisites if, for example, an investor wants to open a company in a specific industry in Montenegro.
Our company registration agents in Montenegro can assist with the preparation of the documents that need to be filed with the immigration authorities when applying for citizenship by investment.

No residency requirements

The Montenegro citizenship by investment scheme is quite popular among EU citizens as it does not require them to live here before or after being granted a Montenegro passport. However, this is one of the friendliest countries in Europe, thus most of the applicants decide to move here with family members. Some of them find the legal system and the business environment so appealing they decide to relocate their businesses as well.

The benefits of the Economic Citizenship Scheme in Montenegro

Those who want to relocate to Montenegro through the Economic Citizenship Scheme will have plenty of benefits among which the fact they do not need to submit any proof of previous business experience. Also, no language tests are imposed. The government will only verify if the candidate has a good reputation and health and a clean criminal record.
The Citizenship by Investment Program will enable the successful candidates to travel or relocate to EU and Schengen area states without additional visas.
Our company registration specialists in Montenegro can offer detailed information on the requirements to be completed in order to accede to this program.

Why relocate to Montenegro through the Citizenship by Investment Program?

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Scheme is open to both EU and non-EU citizens. Moreover, this program implies one of the lowest investments among European countries. The program launched by the Montenegro government is one of the fastest ways of obtaining citizenship in this country.
Government officials have announced that the applicants with successful candidacies will receive the permanent status no later than 3 weeks and the Montenegro passport no later than 6 months after the application.
Montenegro is a small European country; however, it is currently one of the economically safest countries to move to. Montenegro has a stable taxation system and even if it currently is not an EU member state, it is expected to enter the EU by 2025.

Why apply for citizenship in Montenegro?

No matter if one decides to take the short or long way to citizenship in Montenegro, he or she will benefit from many advantages. Among these, the Montenegro-USA convention, also known as the E-2 Treaty under which Montenegro citizens can reside and open companies in the USA.
Apart from this:
  • - a foreign citizen is not required to give up citizenship from their country of origin;
  • - free travel to 124 countries, including the Schengen Area, Turkey and Russia;
  • - one of the lowest personal tax rates in Europe, ranging between 9 and 11%.
If you need assistance in choosing the appropriate type of investment, our local advisors can guide you. Also, if you decide for opening a company in Montenegro, you can rely on us during the incorporation procedure.

FAQ on the citizenship by investment program in Montenegro

Recently enabled, the Montenegro Economic Citizenship Scheme has raised a lot of questions for those interested in relocating to another country through such a program. In order to clear some of these doubts, our Montenegro company formation consultants have answered a few questions related to it:
1. Can EU citizens apply for the Montenegro Citizenship program?
Yes, this program is also destined to EU states’ citizens who want to move here.
2. It is necessary to register a business under this program?
No, the investment can also be made in real estate assets. For example, you can purchase a property which meets the demands of the program.
3. Can I bring other family members with me?
Yes, you can bring other family members with you. The program does not state a specific number, but you can bring at least 5 family members under this program.
4. Is it hard to obtain citizenship in Montenegro through this program?
No, the program guarantees a Montenegro passport within 6 months from the application, provided it is a successful one.
If you need assistance in entering the Citizenship by Investment Scheme, please contact us. We also specialize in company formation services in Montenegro if you decide for this option.


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