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Taxation in Montenegro

Updated on Friday 17th January 2020

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If you open a company in Montenegro you will surely need to know what tax regulations in Montenegro apply to your business. Depending on the line and the type of your enterprise, you might need to have several employees. Apart from the corporate tax that will be charged on your company, there are also social security contributions that you must pay to the Montenegrin authorities, for your employees. 

Provisions of the Montenegro tax regulations

Both residents and non-residents must follow the same taxation rules and rates. The foreign investors who open a company in Montenegro are due to pay the corporate tax at the rate of 9%, which is deduced from the income they obtain in this country. Although the funds gathered from the corporate tax are an important source of money for the government, the corporate tax has been lowered by law, from a maximum of 20% in the past years to the actual rate of 9%, in order to encourage foreign investment in the country. 
The withholding tax payed by non-residents for dividends, interests, royalties and services, can be deduced according to the double taxations treaties signed by Montenegro with other countries.

Other types of taxes in Montenegro

In Montenegro, the income tax is applied for earnings which result from salaries or self-employment as well as from real estate renting, or capital gains, such as those obtained from dividends and interests. 
If you have a company registered in Montenegro, your income is calculated by making the sum of all the taxable incomes you obtained during a tax year. The tax rate due for individual income is at the flat rate of 9%. The value added tax is charged in Montenegro for imports and goods commercialization at a rate of 19%.
As provided by the Montenegro tax regulations, the social security system must receive from both employer and employee a contribution which is calculated at the rate of 10.3% for the employer and at 24% for the employee. The social security retains this money in order to cover, pension, health and unemployment security.  Trading companies should also consider registering for EORI in Montenegro.
Our experts in company formation in Montenegro can keep you updated on your obligations regarding the taxation system in this country. Don’t hesitate to contact our firm in order to easily resolve the taxation issues for your company in Montenegro. 


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