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VAT in Montenegro

Updated on Friday 17th January 2020

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When you open a Montenegro company and you provide goods and services, the business will be subject to value added tax. VAT in Montenegro is imposed at a rate of 19%, 7%, and 0%. 19 percent is the general rate for the sale of goods and services while 7% is the reduced rate imposed on specific products. The 0% VAT rate is also imposed on specific transactions only. The amount that is taxed is the value paid for the goods or services sold. Value added tax in Montenegro is covered by the LAW on Value Added Tax which was implemented since 2003.

VAT registration in Montenegro

If you have opened a company in Montenegro, you should know that there is either a voluntary or mandatory registration for value added tax. Companies that have not realized a profit of more than 18,000 euros in one year may voluntarily register for VAT in Montenegro. Those businesses that yield an income of more than 18,000 euros in one year are required to register for VAT purposes. Companies can file their application for VAT registration in Montenegro at the Ministry of Finance which regulates the form and contents of the application.

Payment of VAT in Montenegro

Value added tax in Montenegro covers the first of the month up to the last day of the same month. If you open a company in Montenegro, you have to account and pay VAT during the said period. Payment has to be made on the 15th day of the month following the taxable period and the taxpayer has to file a VAT return for the correct assessment of liability. Based on their VAT numbers, we can help companies to register for EORI in Montenegro.

Goods and services covered by Montenegro value added tax

The standard rate of VAT in Montenegro is 19%. There are certain goods and services that are covered by either 7% or 0%. Here are some of those that are covered by 7%:

1.    Basic goods that are for human consumption;
2.    Medicine;
3.    Teaching materials;
4.    Public transportation of passengers and their baggage;
5.    Funeral services.

Those covered by 0% VAT are:

1.    Goods exported by the seller or another person on his behalf from Montenegro;
2.    Goods exported from the country by a purchaser who has not engaged in company formation in Montenegro;
3.    Products used for international air and maritime traffic;
4.    Fuel and other important goods used by military vessels departing from Montenegro;
5.    Goods and services covered by treaties.

You can know more about the VAT in Montenegro by contacting us. We can also assist you with the VAT registration process.


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