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Why Invest in Montenegro

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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Montenegro is a European country with high economic potential both in terms of natural resources and geographic position, elements which represent key reasons for investing in Montenegro. Thanks to its opening to the Mediterranean Sea, this country is already in a steady economic growth due to increasing interest of foreign tourists in the landscapes and natural attractions of the country. If you want to understand more about why investing in Montenegro is a good move for a foreign investor, you can rely on our Montenegro company formation specialists who can analyze and help you implement your investment project. 

Advantages of investing in Montenegro

Many foreign investors are interested in Montenegro because of the strategic position of the country, at the crossroads of Western Europe with the eastern European countries. This location provides access to the regional markets and by sea; from Montenegro, you can establish trade relations with Africa, India, Russia and other Asian countries. 
Another reason to invest in Montenegro is the highly educated and trained young population, capable of performing specialized work. The government is supporting businesses and investments by keeping the procedures transparent and by offering same rights to foreign investors as to the local ones.
The Montenegrin climate is a safe one, with a long tradition of diplomatic and peaceful policy. This gives your investment in Montenegro the suitable context for a rapid and secure development. If you intend to open a Montenegro company we recommend you to call on the local experts in company formation, who can help you sort out the legal formalities for your enterprise by helping you with the elaboration of company incorporation or business registration documents.

Main industries for a successful investment in Montenegro

The most dynamic sector of the developing Montenegrin economy is tourism. There are several coastal residential projects which have been already materialized along the western coast of the country.
The telecommunications are another area of rapid extension, where your enterprise can obtain significant revenues. Manufacturing is as well a safe investment zone, representing almost 63 % of the entire domestic industry. 
The import and distribution of gasoline is a service sector that is expected to continue its growth in the next years. 
We invite you to contact our experts in company formation in Montenegro who can offer business consultancy regarding your investment in Montenegro.


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