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Yacht Registration in Montenegro

Updated on Friday 25th March 2022

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The Montenegro’s legislation applicable for yacht registration is the Law on Yacht. According to it, every yacht that wants to receive the Montenegro’s nationality must be registered in the Register of Yachts of the Republic of Montenegro.

The Register of Yacht contains the Main Book and other documents. The Main Book contains information regarding the yacht’s name, characteristics and purpose of it and details regarding the owner (for a physical person the name and address and for a corporate body the name and registered address).

The Register is supervised by the minister responsible for maritime affairs.

The necessary documents for registering a yacht in Montenegro are the standard application with the suggested name for the yacht, a certified copy of the owner’s documents of identification (passport or ID for a natural person or the certificate of registration for a corporate body), a proof of ownership, the certificate of insurance in original or certified copy, a standard application for radio license, Tonnage Certificate of Builders, payment of the registration tax. The payment is made in the Maritime Safety Department’s account.

In case the ship was already registered in another registry, a certificate of deletion from that registry and the certified copy of the sale documents are required. If not, the Builders Certificate is requested along with the builder’s documents where the name of the buyer is visible.

In certain situation, a yacht can be registered for a period of three months, until the requestor can bring the original documents of the above.

There are certain registration fees that has to be paid, as per the yacht’s dimension starting from 350 EUR for a yacht from 7 to 12 meters and growing progressive to 1,200 EUR for yacht over 24 meters.

Also the deletion of the yacht from the register is about 150 EUR.

The name of the yacht registered in Montenegro must be unique, and the marking of it consists in the international sign of Montenegro and the number under witch is assigned the registration in the Register.

Any yacht allowed to carry more than 12 persons and with dimension between 7 and 24 meters must be checked by competent authorities at least once within three years. The yachts not included in the above description must be checked at least once a year.

A yacht may be deregistered in case the owner whishes so, if its permanently retired from service, if it was damaged ,if it already registered in another register, if it doesn’t follow the law regulations, if 30 days past after the certificate expiration and if the yacht suffered major changes without the Administrator’s consent.

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