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+382 20 620 312
Company Formation Montenegro




Updated on Wednesday 25th September 2019

CompanyFormationMontenegro.com is a partner firm of BridgeWest.

Michał-Gawlak-lawyer.jpgThe members of CompanyFormationMontenegro.com have provided us with accurate answers to our questions on several occasions. We recommend them to those who want to start companies in Montenegro and need support. They have the necessary expertise to help in various matters related to company formation in Montenegro.



Michał Gawlak 
Attorney-at-law at CGO Legal Counseling


Vlad-Cuc- director-of-Bridgewest.jpgCompanyFormationMontenegro.com is one of BridgeWest’s reliable partners in Southeastern Europe. We have cooperated with this team on many occasions, each time very successfully. We recommend this team to everyone who wants to open companies in Montenegro.




Vlad Cuc
Director of Bridgewest



Jakub-Chajdas-lawyer.jpgStarting a company in Montenegro is difficult for people who don’t know the laws here. The team at CompanyFormationMontenegro.com can offer the necessary information to get a business started here. I recommend them to any person who decides to start his own business here.






Jakub Chajdas 

Attorney-at-law ar CGO Legal Counseling



Paul-Gheorghiu-company formation agent.jpgWe were glad to have the team at CompanyFormationMontenegro.com answer our questions, as they helped understand many things related to doing business here. If we ever have any problems, we know we can rely on their experience. We also recommend them to those who want to open companies in Montenegro and need advice.





Paul Gheorghiu

Company formation agent at Sig Fiduciaire (www.companyformationswitzerland.com)



Francesco-Dagnino-lawyer.jpgThis experienced team has guided us on several occasions and we have had a lot of benefits thanks to their knowledge. From answers to questions to detailed information, we count on them. If you want to open a business in Montenegro, we warmly recommend CompanyFormationMontenegro.com.






Francesco Dagnino

Lawyer and founding partner of LEXIA Avvocati


Meet us in Montenegro


Vladimir Radonjic is an attorney and a managing partner at Radonjic/Associates. He can help clients open companies in Montenegro.

Call us now at +382 20 620 312 to set up an appointment with our company formation agents in Podgorica, Montenegro. Alternatively you can incorporate your company without traveling to Montenegro.

As our client, you will benefit from the joint expertize of local lawyers and international consultants. Together we will be able to offer you the specialized help you require for your business start-up in Montenegro.

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