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New Company vs. Shelf Company in Montenegro

Updated on Friday 15th December 2017

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New Company vs. Shelf Company in MontenegroThe Company Act in Montenegro is very flexible, allowing foreign investors and nationals set up different types of companies or purchase already established companiesshelf companies. New company versus shelf company in Montenegro entitles several advantages, depending on several factors. Our company formation experts in Montenegro can help you choose the type of company which suits your business purposes.

Why choose a shelf company in Montenegro?

Shelf companies in Montenegro represent a type of company which already has a business history when it is purchased by an investor. The advantages of purchasing a shelf company include the following:

•    Avoiding the company formation process;
•    Not dealing with bureaucracy in obtaining the required documents and approvals from the relevant authorities;
•    The company already has a history on the market and can obtain easily a credit or a loan from banks or loan companies;
•    A property transfer procedure is the only legal step in owing a shelf company in Montenegro;
•    The shelf company has a registered seat and address and it can start doing business immediately;
•    They are formed with very general objects to cater for the wide range of permissible activities;
•    When purchased, a shelf company is accompanied by a certificate of non-trading guaranteeing that has not traded and has no liabilities up to the time of purchase.

When acquiring a shelf company in Montenegro there are certain risks to take into consideration. These can be reduced by choosing the help of reputed specialists in company registration in Montenegro who can assist you throughout the entire process.

Why start a new company in Montenegro?

Although there are numerous advantages in buying a shelf company, some investors can choose to open a new company in Montenegro. Usually, when it comes to forming a company, a limited liability company (LLC) is the most common type of business to incorporate. The advantages of starting a new company in Montenegro as a LLC include the following aspects:

•    Only one shareholder, of any nationality, who can be an individual or a body corporate;
•    A paid-up share capital of only 1 EUR;
•    One director of any residency or nationality;
•    Fast and simple company formation procedure which does not require the client to travel to Montenegro;
•    No physical office is required. New companies can be registered at a virtual office in Montenegro.

The decision to buy a shelf company or start a new one pertains exclusively to the investor, according to his/her business needs. If you need professional assistance in making the right choice you can contact our Montenegro company formation agents, who will provide you with detailed information about the legal aspects of purchasing a shelf company or starting a new one.

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