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Open a Holding Company in Montenegro

Updated on Thursday 22nd September 2022

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Holding Company in Montenegro
Holding companies can own one or more subsidiaries and only serve as a holding structure for their subsidiary's outstanding stock. They often just provide their daughter firms ownership and oversight rather than producing any goods or services themselves. If you want to open a holding company in Montenegro, you can get in touch in touch with our company formation agents. They can help you open a holding company in Montenegro
Furthermore, if you are seeking help for online incorporation, our company registration specialists can help you. 

A step-by-step guide to opening a holding company in Montenegro

Please find below a general guide about how to open a holding company in Montenegro. Besides this, if you are planning to open a branch in this country, our agents can also guide you about its step-by-step incorporation procedure.
Here are the steps to open a Montenegrin holding company:
  1. Review your company's requirements: Tax savings and asset protection are two of a holding company's most popular advantages. The owner of a small business may also benefit from forming a holding company since it can offer asset protection for operating the company's high-value assets;
  2. Choose a structure for your company: The corporation and the limited liability company, or LLC, are the two most common types of holding companies. As the form you select could have an impact on your taxes and liability, you should decide which one best suits your needs;
  3. Business application: Your holding company will be established in accordance with the Montenegrin state law and the kind of business form you wish to establish;
  4. Bank account: The holding company and the operating company must keep separate bank accounts and accounting records to continue operating as independent businesses;
  5. Invest in the holding firm: You must fund the business to begin investing in the operating company before you begin using the holding company;
  6. Keep a record of your transactions in accounting: Keep thorough accounting records of the transactions that occur between your operating and holding firms as you run your enterprises. To ensure legal separation between the entities, separate accounting records are essential.
Our company formation agents can guide you further about the vigilant steps that you must take before you open a holding company in Montenegro. 
In addition to this, if you need assistance in acquiring a virtual office, our agents can offer you their services. They can provide you with information about different virtual office packages and you can pick any as per your need. 

Features of a holding company 

If you are planning to open a holding company in Montenegro, our company incorporation consultants can assist you. Before you incorporate this specific company structure, you can get a general idea about the features of a holding company:
  • - Just as establishing an LLC can shield a person's assets from debts incurred by their firm, establishing a holding company in Montenegro can shield a company from more extensive financial losses;
  • - A holding company is a type of autonomous firm that conducts its operations following specific legal regulations for the course of its existence;
  • - The assets and equity of the other companies are owned by a holding company, which also typically maintains a record of only the oversight capabilities and potential;
  • - A holding company's primary goal is to manage other businesses, regardless of the type of entity it is, such as a limited liability partnership or perhaps a limited liability company. Holding companies are also able to own many types of properties, such as patents and trademarks.
These are the basic features of a holding company. Keeping in view these points, if you still want to open a holding company in Montenegro, our specialists can help you in this matter. Our company incorporation agents can also assist you if you are planning to purchase a shelf company in this country.

Montenegro taxation 

It is highly suggested that you establish your company in Montenegro if you desire to do so. It is one of the European countries with the lowest tax rates. The Montenegro taxes are listed below:
  • -  The corporate profit tax (CPT) in Montenegro is 9%;
  • -  The general withholding tax rate in Montenegro is 9%; 
  • -  The municipal government of Montenegro has the option of imposing a payroll tax of 15% on employee salaries.
Contact our company incorporation experts to help you open a holding company in Montenegro
Furthermore, if you need information about Montenegrin citizenship by investment, our specialists can assist you. They can offer you guidance about the reliable areas where you can invest to acquire citizenship in Montenegro.

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