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Central Registry of Montenegro

Updated on Thursday 16th July 2020

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What is the Central Registry of Montenegro?

The regional courts were responsible for registering new businesses in Montenegro until recently, when this issue was taken by the Central Registry of Montenegro. Still the Central Registry may invest a regional court to receive specific documents for registration but this must be submitted to the Central Registry in less than three days from receiving it.

The Central Registry complies with the Commercial Court. The main purpose of the Central Registry of Montenegro is to maintain an updated and centralized database with information regarding the companies. Our specialists in company formation in Montenegro can handle the company registration procedure for you.

How can a company register with the Central Registry?

The limited liabilities companies and the joint stock ones can achieve the status of legal personality only after these companies were registered with the Central Registry.

For a partnership it is not mandatory to be registered with the Central Registry of Montenegro. This type of business may be regbistered for statistical reasons.

Every company must pay a registration fee or issuance fee (in case copies of documents are necessary) and our company formation agents in Montenegro can tell you more about this fee.

The registration of a company in Montenegro is made by submitting special documents, specific for every type of business.

The joint stock companies must deposit the following documents:

  • - the completed registration form;
  • - the foundation act;
  • - the minute of the founding meeting;
  • - a list with all the board members;
  • - details regarding the executive manager;
  • - signed declaration of agreement to perform tasks in the company;
  • - the decision from Security Commission board approving the public trade of the shares;
  • - the proof that the minimum share capital and the registration fee were paid.

The limited liability companies must apply with:

  • - the completed standard application form;
  • - the minute of the meeting where the decision of foundation was taken;
  • - the incorporation act;
  • - the proof of paying the minimum share capital and the registration fee.

The individual entrepreneur and the partnership are not obliged to register but if they want to they can by submitting a registration statement.

You can also rely on us if you want to enroll in the Montenegro citizenship by investment scheme.


How can a information be checked in the Central Registry?

All the information from the Central Registry of Montenegro is available for the public, via Internet or at the office from Podgorica. Trained personnel are provided in order to receive copy of the Registration Certificates, Certificates of Non-Existence or Abstracts.

A claimant is entitled to receive compensations from the Commercial Court if the information is not accurate because of the Registry’s personnel.

For more details about this institution or for assistance when registering a company, please contact our company registration experts in Montenegro.



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